New Lincoln Archival Project

Keeping a record!



The New Lincoln Archival project is building a library of websites in and around the Covid area. Like a regular library, we provide copies of the websites we have stored, and allow access to free resources.

We began in 1998 by archiving old newspaper articles. However, we set our horizons on the new fledgling medium of the Internet. Noticing that contrary to newspapers, Nobody was putting the time in to archive the web. We set a mission on ourselves to start archiving the web from then on. Today we have over 20 years of history available through our public access terminal, and we work with governments to archive more through private means.

As our archive grew in size, so did our commitment to the task. Today our archive contains hundreds of public web pages.

Anyone can submit a page to be archived, and we already work with many contributors to archive their content.

The New Lincoln Archival project is non-profit and does not seek to profit from contributions made. Donations are appreciated.